What is lace bite

What is Lace bite?

Lace bite is a reasonably common problem in ice skating and ice hockey sports. The term ‘Lace bite’ or ‘Skate bite’ is reasonably well known in those communities. It is not so well known in the medical and podiatry communities. Lace bite is the term used to describe a tibialis anterior tendinopathy that is caused by pressure from the laces at the front of the ankle.

The cause of Lace bite is too tight lacing across the front of the ankle at the flex point in the skates. This results in a painful and swollen tibialis anterior tendon and maybe the toe extensor tendons.

The treatment for lace bite is to use ice to reduce the pain and swelling and reduce the amount of time spent in the ice skates. The lacing can be removed from the eyelets over the painful area. Strips of felt padding can be used on either side of where the tendon is under the tongue of the skate. Protective gel sleeves can be worn under the socks to protect the area.

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