Cracked Heels

What vitamin deficiency causes cracked heels?

There is no vitamin deficiency that causes cracked heels. If you were to Google that, you will find it very very commonly claimed that vitamin and nutritional deficiency’s can cause cracked heels. #fakenews If you do not believe me then just...

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How to fix cracked heels permanently?

To fix cracked heels permanently, you need to put in a bit of work and it will take some effort. There is also a high possibility that cracked heels can be an ongoing problem that may require regular maintenance to keep it under control, especially...

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Do Rhagades affect the foot?

Rhagades is a term that typically refers to cracks in the skin and is usually reserved to describe those cracks in the skin that occur around the mouth. However, the term Rhagades is used in some European countries to refer to the cracks in the skin...

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