Nerve Entrapment

What is a Joplin’s Neuroma?

A Joplins Neuroma or neuritis is an entrapment or impingement of the medial plantar digital nerve which supplies the medial aspect of the big toe that was first described by Joplin in 1971 in three cases following bunion surgery. A Joplin’s...

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What is a Heuter’s neuroma?

A Heuter’s neuroma is an enlargement or entrapment of the intermetatarsal nerve in the first interspace. This is very rare and has been noted as an occasional complication of bunion surgery damaging the nerve. A bursa in the area is probably a more...

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What is Soleal sling syndrome?

Soleal sling syndrome is an entrapment or impingement of the tibial nerve at the upper back of the leg where the tibial nerve passes through the fascia that attaches the soleus muscle to the tibia and fibula (the soleal sling). The typical symptoms...

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