how to prevent bauer bump

How to prevent Bauer bump?

A Bauer bump is a reasonably common problem is those who participate in ice sports. Bauer are one of the most well known brands of ice skates, so the problem gets commonly called the Bauer bump. The problem is an enlargement of the bone at the back of the heel bone called a Haglunds deformity. As the enlarged area is bone, having a rigid ice skate press on the area can lead to inflammation and pain.

There are a number of ways in which pain from the Bauer bump can be prevented:

  1. Get the ice skates fitted properly so they are the best at accommodating the Haglund’s bump. A good skate fitter may be able to make modifications to the shell of the boot so that they do not press so hard on the painful area. Depending on the skate it may be possible to use a heat gun to strectch the shell of the skate out.
  2. Sometimes, something as simple as a heel raise may help by moving the painful area of the bump away from the area of the skate that is pressing on the Haglund’s bump.
  3. The use of protective padding that goes around the lump in the shape of a horseshoe or donut will get the pressure from the skate off the enlarged bone. Alternatively a silicone gel pad over the lump may be able to reduce the rubbing on it.

If these kinds of measures do not help to prevent Bauer bump, then often the only other option is surgical to resect the enlarged bone.

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