Are crocs good for gout

Are crocs good for gout?

Probably not.

Crocs are a popular but often maligned type of footwear with widely different options as to if they are good for the feet or not. There are also plenty of strongly held views on the aesthetics of Crocs. They were originally designed as boating shoes, but now get used for a wide range of purposes including even being used as running shoes! There is certainly debate and mixed views as to if Croc are good for your feet or not.

Gout is the result of a metabolic issue in which urate crystals get deposited into the joints, most commonly the big toe joint, that can cause an acutely painful arthritis. The main approach to the management of gout is the use of medications to deal with the symptoms and prevent the accumulation of the uric acid and also dietary changes to help with that as well.

Can the Crocs help the gout?

Crocs are unlikely to help the gout. No different types of footwear has been shown to help gout. Gout is a metabolic issues and changing footwear is a mechanical change. Mechanical changes are unlikely to affect metabolic issues.

That does not mean that if you have gout and get a pair of Crocs that they might be quite comfortable and you like them for that reason. Having gout is not a reason not to wear Crocs, it is that do not expect the Crocs to help the gout.

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