How to do the lunge test?

The lunge test is a weightbearing measurement of the static range of motion of the ankle joint that has been shown to have good reliability and a limitation in it has been associated with an increased risk for some injuries. To do a lunge test, you...

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What is forefoot varus?

By definition, forefoot varus is an pathomechanical entity in which the plantar plane of the forefoot is inverted relative to a perpendicular bisection of the rear of the calcaneus when the subtalar joint is in its defined neutral position and the...

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What is the Foot Posture Index used for?

The Foot Posture Index is a tool that has 6 observations associated with it to quantify the posture or alignment of the foot during weightbearing. It built on the limitations of previous measurements (which most tend to be unreliable) and...

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