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What is lace bite

What is Lace bite?

Lace bite is a reasonably common problem in ice skating and ice hockey sports. The term ‘Lace bite’ or ‘Skate bite’ is reasonably well known in those communities. It is not so well known in the medical and podiatry...

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how to prevent bauer bump

How to prevent Bauer bump?

A Bauer bump is a reasonably common problem is those who participate in ice sports. Bauer are one of the most well known brands of ice skates, so the problem gets commonly called the Bauer bump. The problem is an enlargement of the bone at the back...

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what is bauer bump

What is Bauer Bump?

A Bauer Bump is what ice hockey players call a Haglund’s deformity. Haglund’s deformity is an enlargement of the posterior superior aspect of the calcaneus or heel bone. As the bone is a bit larger than average the footwear can place...

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