what is the kinetic wedge foot orthotic

What is a Kinetic Wedge Orthotic?

The Kinetic Wedge is an extension to a foot orthotic that was designed and patented by Dr Howard Dananberg, DPM to treat functional hallux limitus. The design is such that it facilitates the motion at the first metatarsophalangeal joint and prevents the compensations seen in gait from a functional hallux limitus. It is based on the theory of the sagittal plane facilitation model of foot biomechanics.

There are two components to the Kinetic Wedge: there is the part that is under the hallux that holds it slightly dorsiflexed (like the Cluffy Wedge does) and there is the part that extends under the lessor metatarsophalangeal joints (like a Reverse Morton’s Extension does) to lower or plantarflex the first metatarsal. Both of these have been shown to make it easier for the hallux to dorsiflex.

While the Kinetic Wedge is primarily used as an extension or modification to a foot orthotics, it has been built into different shoes. The most notable was in a Brooks running shoe from 1986.

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