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what do foot orthotics do

What do arch supports do?

Arch supports or the “arch support” variable in foot orthotics simply support the medial longitudinal arch of the foot. The need for arch supports was based on the traditional model of the arch of the foot being lower and needing to be...

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What is supination resistance?

Supination resistance is a concept based on how much force is needed to supinate the foot. As a clinical test is it frequently used to help estimate how much force is needed to supinate the foot. This is considered important in foot orthotic therapy...

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what is the richie brace prescribed for

What is the Richie brace prescribed for?

The Richie Brace consists of a very aggressive and very supportive custom made foot orthotic with a medial and lateral leg brace. It is used in conditions that may be heading towards surgery and a standard foot orthotic is not working as well as it...

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what is the kinetic wedge foot orthotic

What is a Kinetic Wedge Orthotic?

The Kinetic Wedge is an extension to a foot orthotic that was designed and patented by Dr Howard Dananberg, DPM to treat functional hallux limitus. The design is such that it facilitates the motion at the first metatarsophalangeal joint and prevents...

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what is a cuboid notch

What is a Cuboid notch?

A cuboid notch is an extrinsic or intrinsic modification to a foot orthotic shell that is on the lateral side and elevates the cuboid bone. A cuboid notch is potentially used for a number of different reasons, but most center around the need to...

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What Foot Orthotics for Basketball?

The foot is important in basketball and put great loads on the foot, especially with all the running, jumping, accelerating and braking and pivoting on the foot. This means that the potential for something to go wrong with the foot is high. When...

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