How long for a calcaneal stress fracture to heal?

How long for a calcaneal stress fracture to heal?

Calcaneal stress fractures can take a while to get back to full activity – count on it taking months and not weeks.

To start with you are probably going to need up to 2-3 weeks without any or very reduced weightbearing activity for the initial symptoms to settle and healing to start. Following that you are going to need up to 2-3 months of gradually and very slowly increased weightbearing activity levels.

A calcaneal stress fracture is considered a low risk stress fracture in that there are usually no long term consequences, but it does have a very high probably to recur if that 2-3 months following the initial healing is not managed properly. The loads have to be gradually, slowly and carefully increased. Do it too quickly and you are right back to the beginning again.

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