why do arch supports hurt my flat feet

Why do my arch supports hurt my flat feet?

“Arch supports” for “flat feet” should really read “foot orthotics” for “biomechanical problems”. There are as many different types of arch supports or foot orthotics as there are flat feet or biomechanical problems. If the arch support or foot orthotic is the appropriate for the foot type, shape and the nature of the problem it is used for, they should not hurt. They should help.

If the arch supports or foot orthotics hurt then that means that they are not right for your foot shape, structure or type and the nature of your problem.

Arch supports or foot orthotics hurt when:

  1. The shape of the device is not the one for your foot. For example, the shape is wrong.
  2. The device tries to alter the alignment or posture of the foot too much and it can not be tolerated. For example, the device may be trying to change too much at once.

It is not uncommon for arch supports or foot orthotics when they are first used to be somewhat uncomfortable as you spend time getting used to them, but that should not be painful. If you experience some discomfort, then stop wearing them for that day and put them back in the next day and slowly extend the wearing time each day.

If you are having problems with arch supports hurting your flat foot, then get to a podiatrist or another health professional with experience in using foot orthotics to discuss what you are getting the pain and what the best options are to deal with the issue.

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