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what is the richie brace prescribed for

What is the Richie brace prescribed for?

The Richie Brace consists of a very aggressive and very supportive custom made foot orthotic with a medial and lateral leg brace. It is used in conditions that may be heading towards surgery and a standard foot orthotic is not working as well as it...

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what is the foot posture index used for

What is the Foot Posture Index used for?

The Foot Posture Index is a tool that has 6 observations associated with it to quantify the posture or alignment of the foot during weightbearing. It built on the limitations of previous measurements (which most tend to be unreliable) and...

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What is the ‘too many toes’ sign?

The term ‘too many toes sign’ is widely used when looking at someone standing or during a gait analysis. It does not mean that someone has more than five toes on their foot. When someone is standing or walking and you are watching them...

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