how to treat a navicular stress fracture

How to treat a navicular stress fracture?

Once a navicular stress fracture has been suspected or diagnosed it is important that treatment strategies are begun as soon as possible. This involves several approaches:

Activity modification:
Activity levels need to be reduced to be within a volume and intensity that can be tolerated. Alternative activities can be substituted to retain fitness levels. This should be non-weightbearing activities such as cycling or swimming.

Protected weightbearing:
The use of a walking boot (‘moon boot’) and foot orthotics or supports are important to help to biomechanically manage the stress that is on the navicular bone. The walking boot may be needed for up to the first 6 weeks and then the foot orthotics after that.

Rehabilitation and return to activity:
Once the symptoms start to settle, exercises can be introduced to strengthen the muscles that work around the navicular bone. The return to sport has be be slow and gradual. Exercise levels should be increased at a very slow rate otherwise there could be a recurrence of the navicular stress fracture.

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