accessory navicular

How to immobilize an accessory navicular?

An accessory navicular is an extra piece of bone on the medial side of the navicular bone in the foot. It is not common, but when it is there it can sometime become painful. During the acute stages of the symptoms it is often helpful to immobilize the foot to allow it to settle down and start to heal. If the symptoms are more mild or due to pressure on the bony lump from the shoe, then it is not usually necessary to immobilize the foot.

There are several ways that an accessory navicular can be immobilized:

Cast or walking boot:
A cast or walking boot (moon boot; CAM walker) is designed to restrict movement and allow the accessory navicular to heal. It is one of the more effective ways to immobilize the foot and help the symptoms. It is also one of the more restrictive of activity levels. For it to be effective at treating the accessory navicular, it does need to be used and it use complied with. There is no use in just using it occasionally.

Splint or brace:
A splint or brace can provide additional support to the foot, immobilizing the accessory navicular. This can help reduce strain and provide stability while allowing some mobility. These are better than foot orthotic devices as immobilizing the foot, but are not as restrictive on daily activities as a cast or walking boot.

Foot orthotic devices:
Foot orthotic devices, either custom made or prefabricated may be used. These can help distribute the weight evenly across the foot, relieve pressure on the accessory navicular, and provide support during movement. These are not as effective as a cast or walking boot, but they do allow normal daily activities. They can often be used after a period of time using a cast or walking boot.

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