why do podiatrists hate crocs

Why do podiatrists hate Crocs?

Podiatrists do not hate Crocs. Some podiatrists have made public negative comments about Crocs. Other Podiatrists like them. Views are mixed, so to say that Podiatrists hate Crocs is a claim that is not supported. A lot of podiatrists probably wear them at home. Some probably wear them in the operating theater.

Crocs have some features that are good for your feet and Crocs have some features that are not good for your feet. They are a mixed bag.

Some people have even used Crocs as running shoes and have run marathons in them.

Crocs are probably like any type of footwear in that if you use them for too much for something that were not made to be used for, then you might have problems, so use them in moderation.

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