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why do podiatrists hate crocs

Why do podiatrists hate Crocs?

Podiatrists do not hate Crocs. Some podiatrists have made public negative comments about Crocs. Other Podiatrists like them. Views are mixed, so to say that Podiatrists hate Crocs is a claim that is not supported. A lot of podiatrists probably wear...

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what shoes should I wear for archery

What shoes should I wear for archery?

Archery is a sport that need a lot of skill and a lots of concentration. The last thing that an archer needs is pain or discomfort in their feet to distract them. They also do not want shoes that are unstable and causing too much excursion of the...

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what are the best shoes for metatarsalgia

What are the best shoes for metatarsalgia?

As metatarsalgia is such a bad term and is not a diagnosis, it is not possible to give any sort of shoe recommendations for it as it is due to so many different things. Some shoe advice could be given for the different diagnoses that get mislabeled...

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true to size

What does true to size mean?

The phrase ‘true to size’ (TTS) is used within the footwear as well as clothing sectors to indicate if the footwear or clothes are sized correctly compared with the industry standard. For footwear, if it is true to size, that it follows the...

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which crocs are best for plantar fasciitis

Which Crocs are best for plantar fasciitis?

This is not an easy question to answer. For every person that says Crocs caused their plantar fasciitis, there is another who is adamant that Crocs cured their plantar fasciitis. There is no published scientific research on the issue, so there is...

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why do crocs make my feet sweat

Why do Crocs make my feet sweat?

Crocs do not make your feet sweat any more than they normally would, but because the material that Crocs are made of they do not absorb the sweat that your feet does produce and it can accumulate. Crocs are made of a material called Croslite that is...

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are crocs good for your feet

Are Crocs good for your feet?

They are and they aren’t. You will get mixed opinions on this from ‘experts’. Crocs are comfortable and easy to slip on and of, which is why they are so popular. They do have some arch support and a wide forefoot, which is good...

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crocs running shoes

Can you use Crocs as running shoes?

Crocs were not designed to be a running shoe. Views on the usefulness and aesthetics of Cros are certainly mixed and strongly held. They were originally designed as a shoe for boating and then it became a popular and somewhat maligned fashion item...

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How to measure children’s feet for shoes

It is important that children’s feet are carefully measured for the fitting of children’s shoes as their feet grow quickly and their bones are easy to mold out of shape from pressure if the shoe does not fit properly. Start by measuring...

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