What are the best running shoes?

There is no such thing as the best running shoe and it is a shame that so many still ask for advice as to what is the best running shoe and even more disappointing is those runners who give advice as to what they think is the best running shoe when they have no clue about the needs and characteristics of those that ask the question.

There are 198 different running shoe brands (let alone the multiple models that each brand has) and there is probably at least one runner that thinks at least each one of them is the best. What a runner really means when they say a particular running shoe is the best, is just that they like it.

The best running shoe is the one that suits an individual runner. Each runner has a different unique foot structure, foot shape and foot biomechanics and have different characteristics in the way that they run. Each runner trains differently in different environments. That means that each runner is going to have a need for a different set of design features that they are most likely going to need from a running shoe to match their unique characteristics. The challenge is to find the right running shoe for each runner. This is where a good running shoe retailer comes in and can help with that task.

There is no such thing as the best running shoe. All there is, is the best one that suits an individual runner.

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