What socks should you wear if you have cold feet?

Cold feet can be quite normal or they could be an indication of a problem or a risk factor for the development of problems.

Some people’s feet are just cold, so are some people’s hands can also be cold. If the circulation is good, then this is nothing to be concerned about. This is just a normal variability between individuals in skin temperature.

If, however, the circulation is poor or diminished, then this can cause the temperature of the skin to be reduced. The feet are a long way from the heart so they are more affected by poor circulation. This poor circulation can make the skin of the feet to be colder and at much greater risk for problems developing. Chilblains are more common in those with poor circulation, especially in the colder climates. Frostbite is more likely to be more serious in those with poorer circulation. Those with poorer circulation are more likely to have issues with healing if a wound should develop, especially if they also have diabetes.

If you have cold feet that are putting you at increased risk for the development of problems, then one of the best ways to help lower the risk for problems is to use socks that can keep the feet warm. Socks made from natural products tend to be better at this than the man-made fibers, but not all natural fibers are equal. The most commonly used socks are made from sheep’s wool such as merino and they are good at keeping the feet warm. Even better than merino wool is the cashmere wool which is 7 to 8 times better at keeping the feet warm.

If you need socks for cold feet, then you are better off going for the socks that are made from cashmere wool.

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