What socks should you wear if you have chilblains?

Chilblains are a reasonably common painful problem that occurs in the colder climates. The best way to deal with chilblains is prevention. This means keeping the feet warm and not allowing them to get cold. If a chilblain develops, then the treatment is often the use of a chilblain cream and keep the feet warm.

The best way to keep the feet warm is to use socks that are more effective at keeping the feet warm. There are no specific socks for chilblains or cold feet, but there is a wide variability in the warmth that are provided by different types of sock fibers. Wool will typically provide the best warmth in socks to help if you have chilblains. Cashmere wool provides substantially more warmth than the more commonly used merino wool.

If you have chilblains and are looking for socks to keep the feet warm to help prevent and treat the chilblains, then consider cashmere wool socks.

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