What exercises can help bunions?

Bunions are a common problem of the foot that are caused by a combination of a hereditary predisposition and poorly fitted footwear. The most effective way to get rid of bunions is with surgery. That does not mean that there are things that can not be done to help improve bunions and make them more tolerable and help relieve the pain. This could include the use of exercises.

Anything that is going to keep the big toe joint mobile and flexible as well as strengthen the foot and arch muscles is going to help. They are not going to get rid of the the bunion, but they will help with the symptoms and certainly help with slowing or stopping the progression of the condition.

You can find a variety of exercises on the web, some of which are claimed to fix bunions (they don’t). They are worth doing as they can help make the joint more ‘healthy’ and less likely to be painful. There are ‘exercise belts‘ that can be used to make the exercises easier to perform.

Stretching and mobilizing the joint in all directions can help. There may be some benefit in strengthening the arch muscles of the foot, as some of those muscles also help control the big toe. This can be done with the curling of a towel excise of the doming exercise.

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