What exercises should you do after bunion surgery?

After any surgery movement and exercise are an important part of the rehab and bunion surgery is not different. It is important to follow the specific instructions and recommendations and it is crucial to progress gradually with these exercises and do them within the tolerance of the healing process.

Some of the exercises to do after bunion surgery include:

Toe and ankle range of motion exercises: These exercises help improve flexibility and mobility in the toes and ankles. They may include toe curls, toe stretches, ankle circles, and alphabet exercises (writing the alphabet with your toes).

Calf stretches: Stand facing a wall with your hands against the wall for support. Step one foot back, keeping it straight, and press the heel down to stretch the calf muscle. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds and repeat several times on each leg.

Strengthening exercises: Once you get the go-ahead from the surgeon, you can start gentle strengthening exercises to rebuild the muscles around the foot and ankle. These may include exercises like toe raises, heel raises, and resistance band exercises.

All of these exercises should not be painful . Be guided by your pain levels, your surgeons and physical therapist and at all times use your common sense.

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