how to treat covid toes

How to treat COVID toes?

COVID toes are chilblains that occur on the toes in those with COVID-19. They are not that common and it is still not clear if they are physiologically part of the COVID-19 disease process or if they are due to behavioral changes during lockdowns, such as staying indoors more.

COVID toes are treated no differently to the regular chilblains.

The first approach is to keep the feet warm with socks and shoes and avoid cold as much as possible. There are a number of creams that you can use to gently stimulate the circulation and ease the congestion by rubbing that can occur in a chilblain.

If the chilblain is broken, then extra care is needed to prevent an infection from developing. A mild antiseptic should be applied and the broken chilblain protected.

If the symptoms are particularly bad, there is a drug that can be used to open the blood vessels that can be used to prevent a reoccurrence of the chilblains.

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