How to perform the Ipswich Touch Test?

The Ipswich Touch Test is a simple screening tool to determine those with diabetes are at most risk for developing complications of the foot.

To perform the Ipswich Touch Test:

  1. The patient is seated comfortably, and their shoes and socks are removed.
  2. The examiner uses a 10-gram monofilament, which is a thin nylon thread, to apply pressure to specific areas on the soles of the patient’s feet.
  3. The monofilament is gently pressed against the skin until it bends. It is then held in place for about one second before being released.
  4. The patient is asked to indicate whether they can feel the monofilament touching their foot at each tested area.
  5. The examiner records the responses, noting the areas where the patient can feel the touch (positive response) and where they cannot (negative response).

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