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How long to recover from bunion surgery?

There is really no clear answer to the question as to how long is the recovery following bunion surgery is going to be, because there are so many variables that are involved. Recovery could be a matter of weeks if there is a simple chopping off of the lump of the bunion or it could be a matter of months if there is some major reconstructive surgery that needs to be done.

Some of these variables involved include things like:

  1. The precise nature of the bunion deformity and if it is just a lump and how much the big toe has deviated; and what and how many other structures in the forefoot are involved.
  2. The specific surgical procedure that is to be performed. This could be a simple lumpectomy or an extensive osteotomy that needs external fixation. Each bunion will be different.
  3. Is the surgery going to be performed on one or two feet.
  4. What is the physiologic age and condition of the person having the surgery. What is the medical status, tolerance for discomfort, healing ability, whether there are existing medically complicating factors, propensity for swelling, venous and lymphatic status, degree of family support, cooperation and determination. Everyone will be different here.
  5. The sort and degree of activity which must be achieved in order to constitute recovery. For an athlete, recovery might mean a return to sport, which is going to be longer than a ‘recovery’ for a non-athlete.

Generally, only the surgeon who is going to be operating on your bunion and has evaluated you and then decided on the most appropriate procedure for you can then effectively answer such a question as to how long the recovery from bunion surgery is going to be. You should discuss this in great detail with them.

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