how to relieve gout pain in heel

How to relieve gout pain in heel?

Firstly, gout is not common in the heel and there are a lot of other much more common causes of heel pain. If you think you might have gout in the heel, then get the diagnosis right first.

For all of the other common causes of heel pain, there are foot orthotics, stretching, shockwave therapy, exercises, injection therapy, etc which will normally help. None of them will help if the pain in the heel is caused by gout. That is why getting the diagnosis right in the first place is so important.

The only way to relieve gout pain in the heel is with the usual treatments of gout. This means the medications to lower the urate levels in the blood and dietary changes to reduce the intakes of the foods that are broken down to the urates. Colchicine is an effective drug used to manage gout in the short term and can be used to help determine if the gout is the cause of the heel pain based on how the heel pain responds to the drug.

Apart from that medical management of the gout, there is not much more that can be done if the gout is the cause of the heel pain. Sometimes a cushioned heel pad might make it more comfortable to stand on the heel, but it won’t make the gout go away.

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