where to place a metatarsal pad

Where to place a metatarsal pad?

Metatarsal pads or metatarsal domes are commonly used to help treat a wide range of problems like metatarsalgia, plantar plate tears, Morton’s neuroma and plantar calluses. The metatarsal pad used to help these problems will not be of much use if its placed in the wrong place. Knowing where and how to place metatarsal dome pads is important.

The highest part of the metatarsal pad should be just behind the metatarsal heads. You can experiment with different positions using your finders to push up on and just behind the metatarsal heads on the bottom of the foot. Work out that point where that when you push the toes plantarflex and the metatarsal heads separate – that is the spot the metatarsal pad should be.

Palpating the correct placement for a metatarsal pad

The metatarsal pad can either if stuck on the foot or on an insole that goes in the shoe or directly into the footwear:

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