What are the symptoms of peroneal tendonitis?

Peroneal tendonitis is a relatively uncommon overuse injury that affects the lateral or outside of the ankle joint. The peroneal muscles are those muscles on the outside of the leg who have a tendon that passes behind the ankle bone on the outside (lateral malleolus) and passes into the foot. The function of these muscles is mostly to stabilise and move the foot.

If there is an overuse injury of the peroneal tendon then you will typically notice the following:

  • Typically peroneal tendonitis starts of as a mild ache either above or below the outside ankle bone (lateral malleolus). Sometimes it occurs both above and below the lateral malleolus.
  • The symptoms will almost always get worse with activity.
  • Occasionally there may be some swelling above and/or below the lateral malleolus as it progresses beyond that initial stage.
  • If the problem really does progress, there may even be some redness and a feeling of warmth, but that is not very common for it to get that far.

Generally if there is a slow onset of pain on the outside of the ankle, then that is probably peroneal tendonitis While there can be other causes of the symptoms that probably should be investigated to rule tout before treatment is started.

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