What Foot Orthotics for Basketball?

The foot is important in basketball and put great loads on the foot, especially with all the running, jumping, accelerating and braking and pivoting on the foot. This means that the potential for something to go wrong with the foot is high.

When foot orthotics are needed in a basketball player, then there are some special requirements that are needed to accommodate the activity of basketball and not interfere with the basketball activity.

If custom made foot orthotics are needed for basketball, then consideration needs to be given to:

  1. Adequate control or rigidity for the weight and the use of the orthotics in a vigorous sports environment – they have to stack up to those stresses.
  2. Cushioning to reduce the impacts of jumping and landing on the hard surfaces of the basketball court
  3. Full length and contoured to the foot to meet the requirements of (1) and (2).
  4. Consideration to the potential off the foot orthotic to increase the risk of ankle sprains; perhaps incorporating design features to lower the risk

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