Craig Payne

achilles tendon rupture

What causes an Achilles tendon rupture?

An Achilles tendon rupture is caused when the load from the calf muscles exceeds what the Achilles tendon can take and it ruptures. There are two aspects to this – the load and what the tendon can take. The load is the amount of force that is...

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accessory navicular

Why does my accessory navicular hurt?

An accessory navicular is an extra piece of bone on the medial side of the navicular bone in the tendon of the posterior tibial muscle. There are several types of accessory navicular and variations in the shape. An accessory navicular can be...

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how to fix cracked heels permanently

Do Rhagades affect the foot?

Rhagades is a term that typically refers to cracks in the skin and is usually reserved to describe those cracks in the skin that occur around the mouth. However, the term Rhagades is used in some European countries to refer to the cracks in the skin...

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