corn removal pads

How to use corn remover pads?

Corn removal pads are popular but they really should not be used and can be dangerous.

Corns are a discrete build up of hard skin from too much pressure on that area that may become painful. They only way to permanently get rid of corns is to remove that cause. Corn removal pads do not get rid of that cause.

Corn removal pads contain an acid (usually salicylic) that you put over the corn and they are supposed to remove that corn. The problem is that the acid has no idea what is corn and what is not a corn and it will eat away at whatever you put it on. That includes the normal skin around and underneath the corn. Can you see how dangerous that can be? Especially if you have an underlying medical problem such as diabetes or poor circulation.

If you permanently want to get rid of a corn, then you need to get rid of what is causing it. Corns don’t have roots that they grow back from. Corns are caused by too much pressure on the area that causes the skin to thicken. If you want to deal properly with the corn, then that pressure has to be removed.

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