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aching feet

What causes tired legs and feet?

Feet and legs that ache, especially after a hard day at work standing on your feet all day is very common. You can’t wait to get home from work and kick your shoes off and get off your feet. Some of these are due to a specific problem like...

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sleep and foot pain

Is sleep important if you have foot pain?

Yes, it is. Getting adequate and appropriate sleep is ideal at the best of times and even more important of you have any health issues. Sleep issues are a risk factor for many, if not most medial and health conditions and what goes wrong with the...

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what causes foot pain during menopause

What causes foot pain during menopause?

Pain in the foot does seem to be more common after menopause. This research on a group of women looked at the foot-related quality of life issues surrounding menopause and found that there is a poorer quality of life-related to foot pain after...

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