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helbings sign

What is Helbing sign?

Helbing sign or Helbing’s sign is an observation of the alignment of the Achilles tendon from behind when weightbearing. It is seen as the amount of concavity or medial bowing of the Achilles tendon as the calcaneus everts past vertical. It...

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what is navicular drop

What is navicular drop?

The navicular drop is a clinical assessment measurement or observation of how much the navicular moves in the sagittal plane between either:1. Subtalar joint neutral and subtalar joint relaxedor2. The foot on the ground rested seated and then full...

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What is the ‘too many toes’ sign?

The term ‘too many toes sign’ is widely used when looking at someone standing or during a gait analysis. It does not mean that someone has more than five toes on their foot. When someone is standing or walking and you are watching them...

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How to fix abductory twist?

An abductory twist is a sudden and abrupt abduction of the rearfoot just as the heel is coming off the ground during gait. The abductory twist on its own is not necessary a problem and it really just a sign of an underlying problem that may or may...

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