Heuter’s neuroma

What is a Heuter’s neuroma?

A Heuter’s neuroma is an enlargement or entrapment of the intermetatarsal nerve in the first interspace. This is very rare and has been noted as an occasional complication of bunion surgery damaging the nerve. A bursa in the area is probably a more likely reason for the neuroma like symptoms experienced on rare occasions in the area.

From a terminology point of view, this could be a separate entity of a Heuter’s neuroma or it could be Morton’s neuroma of the first intermetatarsal space.

The term was used by Heuter in 1870 and he was probably describing an exostosis of first metatarsophalangeal joint giving rise to the symptoms.

Heuter was cited by FCW VOGEL in Klinik der Gelenkkrankheiten, p 339, Leipzig, Germany, 1877.

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