who should wear maximalist running shoes

Who should wear maximalist running shoes?

Maximalist running shoes are those running shoes that are super cushioned and have a large stack height with plenty of midsole material. Who should wear them? Anyone who feels like running in them.

Despite the fanatical fan boys who liked to promote the barefoot minimalist approach, these shoes have become quite dominate in the marketplace and are not a problem. Every runner is different and every runner responds differently to different shoes. Maximalist shoes are just different. Runners need to try them and see how they respond. If you respond, OK, then there is nothing wrong with continuing to use them. If you do not respond well to them or do not like them, then there is nothing wrong with discontinuing to use them.

The research evidence is quite clear. You do not get more injuries wearing maximalist cushioned running shoes compared to other types. You get injuries at the same rate as what you get wearing any other type of running shoe.

Stay away from the advice of those who give a blanket advice that one particular type of running shoe is better than another. Find the running shoe that you feel the most comfortable in and most responsive in and use that.

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