Which heel cups work best for Severs Disease

Which heel cups work best for Severs Disease?

Sever’s disease is a common problem at the back of the heel bone in children that is typically self limiting but can be quite painful, so certainly needs to be looked after to allow the child to continue to be active and play sport. Treatment for Sever’s disease typically involves managing activity levels and using a cushioned heel pad in the child’s shoe.

Getting a good heel cushion is crucial. If it is too soft, then it will just flatten and do nothing. If it is too hard, then it might increase the impacts to the heel and not be very helpful at all. Ideally, what you need is a cushioning heel cup that has the same density as the fat pad under the foot, as that is what nature intended. If you can compress the heel cup or pad between your fingers, then it is not hard to see what will happen if you put it under the foot – it will do nothing. If you can compress it a little between your fingers and there is still some give left, then that is probably the best density for a heel pad or heel cup for Sever’s disease in those who are active.

I like to use these cushioning heel cups for those with Sever’s disease as they are about the right density under the foot for a child’s body weight and activity levels.

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