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How to stop toe walking in autism?

Toe walking is common in those with autism. It is so common it can form part of the diagnostic process of autism spectrum disorder.

There are a number of approaches that can be undertaken to deal with toe walking in autism:

Sensory integration therapy:
Toe walking can sometimes be related to sensory processing issues and therapy for that can be provided by an occupational therapist. This will help address sensory challenges and improve body awareness. They may use various techniques, such as deep pressure, proprioceptive input, and tactile stimulation, to help individuals become more grounded and aware of their body positioning.

Stretching and strengthening exercises:
Stretching and strengthening exercises can help address muscle imbalances and improve overall mobility. Calf stretches and heel drops are often recommended to lengthen the calf muscles and improve heel-to-ground contact. This may be important to stop the calf muscle from contracting to be shorter.

Orthotic devices and footwear:
In some cases, orthotic devices or rigid specialized footwear can be used to encourage proper foot alignment and discourage toe walking.

Visual and verbal cues:
Providing visual and verbal cues can help individuals become more aware of their walking pattern. and to encourage them to focus on heel-to-toe walking.

Behavioural interventions:
Behaviour analysis techniques can be used to address toe walking by establishing goals, developing strategies to reinforce proper walking, and decrease the toe walking behaviours. Positive reinforcement, such as praise or rewards, can be used to encourage heel-to-toe walking.

Environmental adaptations:
The environment can be made more conducive to heel-to-toe walking. This looks at the floor being or is clear of obstacles or textured surfaces or carpets to provide sensory feedback, and encourage activities that promote walking.

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