Does laser therapy for onychomycosis work?

Does laser therapy for onychomycosis work?

Laser therapy for onychomycosis (a fungal infection of the toenails), has gained popularity as an alternative treatment option over the last decade. However, its effectiveness and long-term success are still a matter of debate among healthcare professionals.

Several studies have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of laser therapy for onychomycosis, but the results have been mixed. Some studies suggest that laser treatment can lead to temporary improvements in nail appearance and a reduction in fungal infection, while others report limited or no significant benefits. Some studies show that the results are better than other therapies with still other studies showing that they are no better.

The actual effectiveness of laser therapy for onychomycosis may depend on several factors, including the specific laser device used, the characteristics of the fungal infection (e.g., severity, type of fungus), and individual patient factors which may impact on the results in clinical research studies and in everyday clinical practice. It may be more effective for superficial toenail infections or when combined with other treatment modalities such as topical antifungal medications or debridement (trimming and thinning) of the affected nails.

Yes, laser therapy for onychomycosis can help but is dependant on a number of different factors.

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