toe walking rigid foot plates

Can you use rigid footplates for toe walking?


There are a number of different causes of toe walking. The most common identified cause is autism spectrum disorder. However, the reason underpinning most cases of toe walking is not known and is given the name of idiopathic toe walking.

The use of rigid foot plates in the shoe are to make the shoe stiffer or more rigid. This means that the foot does not bend or flex across the ball of the foot (metatarsophalangeal joints) and a larger lever arm is created from the toes to the ankle joint to subtly force the heel down to the ground when walking. The research evidence is that these rigid foot plates can improve the gait of a child with idiopathic toe walking.

You can buy these rigid foot plates here:
Rigid Carbon Fibre Inserts for Toe Walking (in Australia)
Carbon Fiber Plates for Toe Walking

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