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earthing and grounding

What is grounding or earthing?

Grounding (earthing) are made up pseudoscientific nonsense. It does not work. It is mostly supported anecdotes and testimonials, which should be a red flag. If there is any benefit to be gained from it, then that claimed benefit is probably due to...

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how does reflexology work

How does foot reflexology work?

It doesn’t. Reflexology is made up pseudoscience that can not and will not work. It is junk. The theory behind reflexology is that different organ systems in the body are reflected to the feet, so that can be used to help diagnose systemic...

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what do magnetic insoles do

What do magnetic insoles do?

They don’t do anything expect lighten your wallet and take up room in your shoe. There are no health benefits from wearing magnetic insoles despite what those who sell them like to claim. The research evidence does not back up the claims that...

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how do magnetic insoles work

How do magnetic insoles work?

They don’t work. Don’t be gullible. Don’t fall for them. There are no health benefits from wearing magnetic insoles. All sorts of nonsensical claims about them affecting energy balance (what ever that is), pain relief and improving...

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what is foot reading

What is foot reading?

I can’t believe that so many are so gullible to fall for this junk. “Unlike palmistry, which claims to tell your future, foot reading can only reveal your personality because you are just carrying around the imprint of everything that’s...

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What is the science behind going barefoot?

There is none. A lot of claims have been made regarding the evidence for barefoot over wearing shoes, especially in the context of running. There was quite a fad while back towards barefoot running with many and multiple claims about the science...

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