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what causes cuboid syndrome

What causes cuboid syndrome?

Cuboid syndrome is a disorder that is characterized by pain and dysfunction in the area of the cuboid bone in the foot. The exact cause of cuboid syndrome is not always clear, but it is generally believed to result from the displacement or...

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how to treat cuboid syndrome

How to treat cuboid syndrome?

Cuboid syndrome is a vague diagnosis that is probably the result of a number of different conditions on the lateral side of the foot. The one thing they have in common is the involvement of the cuboid bone and structures around it. The actual...

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what is cuboid syndrome

What is Cuboid Syndrome?

Cuboid syndrome is the name that is given to a vague condition that affects the lateral side of the foot that involves the cuboid bone.

Its not really clear exactly what is it, but the thought is that its related to a subluxation of the cuboid bone.

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